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Apologies for the inconvenience but I am unable to take any commissions at the moment             January 2017 Liz Turner.

Welcome...I am an artist based in St Albans with a soft spot for dogs.  I produce painted and drawn dog portraits specialising in acrylic on canvas and blacklead pencil. Working directly from your favourite pet photograph I can create a one off painting or drawing of your dog which is something special that can be treasured. 

dog portrait painting                                                                                                   acrylic on canvas paintings

                                                                                                                                  graphite pencil portraits

I grew up with two dogs and a cat and many members of my family have one or more. They soon become part of the family with their different personalities and individual quirks. When I'm working on a portrait I am very conscious of how much your pet means to you and how attached you can get, and although I work from a photograph I hope the way I use paint and pencil to create the original work of art brings out the character of your dog.

To see my different dog styles click below...