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Apologies for the inconvenience but I am unable to take any commissions at the moment January 2017 Liz Turner. 

I am an artist based in Hertfordshire specialising in dog portraits and semi abstract paintings using acrylic on canvas. Originally from Manchester I gained a degree in visual arts and culture at Salford University in the nineties where I produced a series of large scale paintings. I moved south, living in London for fourteen years working in a number of creative environments as an art teacher and retail interior designer. All the while I have been driven to produce art either through life classes, renting a space within artist run studios or exhibiting my work with fellow artists. 

The inspiration for the dog portraits came from growing up with two dogs, and most of my extended family had either one or two so I have a real soft spot for them; their companionship, unconditional love and quirky personality's are hard to beat. My pet dogs Meg and Bracken were often used as subjects to sketch and paint as I grew up.  I have been enjoying taking pet commissions professionally since 2010 and I'm already looking forward to receiving the next pet photograph which I hope to transform into a memorable work of art.


Along side the dog paintings I create semi abstract works mostly inspired by nature and landscapes. I usually work on a series of paintings at any one time looking at a chosen subject.  My work starts with a specific location that has caught my attention. I take many photographs but sometimes I will sketch too. I then study them, sketching out ideas and abstracting elements for the basis of a painting.   Although subject and composition is usually the starting point to my work this is just the beginning. I really enjoy the process and get great satisfaction from seeing the different textures and marks that can be produced with a paintbrush or cloth.  I love getting my hands dirty with paint, seeing it drip and land in an expressive way.

I have been influenced by many artists over the years but most recently Peter Doig. The subjects that inspire me are when I am out and about looking at landmarks and unusual landscapes, city or country, picking out patterns and shapes in light and structure. I have always had a strong desire to create something unique and express this through my artwork.  


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Lauderdale House, Highgate, London.


Landscape paintings by Liz Turner