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'Beach 1' and 'SK1' paintings - recent sales

'Beach 1' and 'SK1'- two paintings I've sold recently. Both are landscapes looking at the horizon but in very different styles. It's a subject that has always interested me so watch this space for some new pieces!


Antony Gormley – OBJECT

If you don't look up you might miss it! Antony Gormley's work has always interested me and here at the portrait gallery is a little display which I went to see the other week...It was the 'Fall' drawings that really caught my eye..a falling figure in a void.  Trying to capture the different movements of a falling weighted figure is a difficult thing to's a tiny display but if you're in the area do go and have a look and see what you think.  

A last minute trip into London last weekend took us to the Tate Modern on the Southbank.  Here are some photo’s to share it with you.  There is an installation in the impressive turbine hall by artist Philippe Parreno - Anywhen.  And then we took our first walk around the new extension going over the bridge connecting the Boiler House and Switch House…it’s a fantastic view looking down into the hall and the artwork isn't bad either!…we only managed the ‘living cities’ and ‘Start Display’ leaving plenty to see next time. 

Latest dog portrait

Here's my latest dog portrait A4 graphite pencil...don't you just love her ears!

BP Portrait Awards 2016

I try and go to the BP Portrait awards every year at the National Portrait Gallery, this year I made it just in time.  Here are some picture's to inspire you if you fancy the challenge of a portrait!  I loved the winner 'Girl in a liberty dress' but how they decide I do not know because there are so many deserving artists.  My four year old's favourite was 'The 271 to Arsenal (Xavier & Max)'....the boys in the picture are Arsenal fans...not sure daddy would approve as he's a Spurs supporter!

Ragnar Kjartansson

If you get the chance please go and see this Icelandic performance artist Ragnar Kjartansson 'The Visitors' at the Barbican. I went to see it at the Brewer St carpark in December last year and it's have to watch the whole thing from start to finish.  Not long to go though, it's on until 4th Sept 2016.

Serpentine Pavilion 2016

A thought provoking and simple structure. I liked it and recommend a visit.  There is a video link below from the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

Gagosian gallery

Has anyone been to this gallery yet?  Gagosian in Mayfair ....It's new and clearly has some great exhibitions.  There is one on at the moment with artists Giacometti and Klein.

Felix 1

Here's one of my latest painting... 'Felix 1', acrylic on canvas.  I'm still working on 'freeing up' after being a designer for so many years.

Peter Lanyon - landscape painter

Went to see the Peter Lanyon exhibition at the Courtauld art gallery at the weekend...he's a great landscape painter...inspired by his love of gliding. Such movement and confidence in his paint brush work. If you ever get the chance to see his work it will be well worth going.

Chihuly Exhibition..........

This exhibition was a real surprise, my friend suggested we go and I'm so glad we did.  Its in a gallery I hadn't heard of before on New Bond St, the Halcyon Gallery, it has a lovely intimate feel about it.  The work is by Chihuly and is just stunning, so colourful and beautiful.  As my friend said it is a real treat to see such skill and craftsmanship in the artwork.  With the work being made of glass the colours are brilliant and they catch the light creating shadows on the wall.  I highly recommend a've got until the 28th Feb or you can always take a trip to the V&A and see his amazing chandelier in the foyer.

BP portrait awards 2011

I went to see the BP national portrait awards on Saturday, very inspiring work, the detail that some artists are able to achieve in their work is truly amazing. Its a free exhibition so if your near the national gallery in London it's definitely worth seeing.....

Grizedale sculpture park

I was on the internet last night and saw this Grizedale Sculpture Park.  It's sadly a bit far for me to go for a Sunday walk but if I'm ever up in the Lake District I will definitely have a look.  The sculptures look really impressive especially with such a great back drop.

Tall paintings

I'd never heard of Tall Painting before, if you haven't either then check this work out by artist Holton Rower.......

Yarnbombs and chewing gum art.....

I my last blog I was looking at empty shops being turned into galleries, giving artists a new platform to show their work. But galleries aren’t always the chosen way to display artwork. I’m fascinated by the way urban streets are used.   A couple of examples are Yarnbombs/knitting graffiti and chewing gum art which can be seen in North London by artist Ben Wilson. I’ve not seen any Yarnbombs but apparently they are popping up in urban areas all over the world. If you happen to see any in London please let me know and I’ll try and get to see it, but I’m guessing like traditional graffiti it gets removed pretty quickly and the artists remain anonymous.  I do get to see a lot of the chewing gum art because it can be found on many pavements around where I live. Ben Wilson is well known in the area for his ‘miniature masterpieces on blobs of chewing gum’.   

A Yarnbomb

Chewing Gum Art

Liz's blog - Empty shops become art galleries

Great news....If you're an artist like me looking for ways to exhibit your work then go to this link...
The article is about artists taking over shops and offices that have been left empty after the recession.  I am going to look into it and will let you know how I get on.

Liz's blog - Selfridges window display

I was walking past Selfridges at the weekend and saw this window display called 'Washed Up'.   There was an upright mannequin surrounded by coral skeletons covering the floor.   It was eye catching but also had a strong message which I thought I'd share with you. 

Washed up... (below is a copy of the exhibition statement..not necessarily word for word)

Washed up celebrates fashion's creative debt to the ocean.
The exhibition's landscape is created from dead coral seized from illegal smugglers at British customs and kept in the Aquarium at London Zoo. Now drained of its colour, the coral is a poignant reminder of the destruction of the ocean's beauty and life-sustaining resources.

the crystalline and arabesque-like structures of aquatic creatures, including many varieties of coral, were recorded over a century ago by Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919); his book Art Forms in Nature popularised shapes that fed into artistic movements, including Art Nouveau.   Many species previously unseen by the naked eye suddenly came into focus as a new decorative alphabet, and seen throughout Europe.   The former invisibility of so many species that were once the source of so many tales about sea monsters was irresistable to the creative imagination: their reality was even more extraordinary.

The objects in this exhibition have been selected to reflect the changing nature of the ocean's inspiring depths - from Stephen Jone's debt to 18th century Rocaille, Gareth Pugh's fish scales under the microscope, to Alexander McQueen's morphing together of land and sea, in his futuristic Atlantis.

Recent avant-garde fashion has been inspired by the complex structures that we witness so startlingly here when we get closer to the coral, from the distance a pile of quasi-urban rubble.

Judith Clark, Curator

The UK border agency fully supports this exhibition of confiscated corals for project ocean.   In keeping with the aims of the project Ocean, the exhibition urges visitors: "do your bit for the reef conservation and do not buy coral skeleton either for your fish tank or as a curio ....leave it on the reef where it belongs."

New Promotional Postcards

Grabbed my camera and took myself off to Lea Valley on Sunday afternoon, loads of wildlife on the water so in between my pet portraits I'm hoping to find some time to work on my other passion for nature and landscapes.

Not quite sure when I will have the time though!  Busy working on a dog portrait of Millie and today I decided to start work on some additional marketing material.   I quite liked the idea of designing a series of promotional postcards and have been sketching out a number of different styles over the last few weeks. So back on the old computer again working up the design for my postcards. It's amazing just how long it takes, especially sizing the images to the precise dimensions of the postcard, but fortunately, those years working in the design studio I'm still quite handy on photoshop. Finally and with my layout complete it was just a question of matt or gloss? In the end I opted for the matt and that's it. Just need to get the design off to the printers and buy lots of stamps!


A trip to the art shop....

I'm planning a trip to the Atlantis art shop tomorrow in Spitalfields which is always a pleasure because it has everything an artist could wish for; if I ever moved out of London I'd really miss it. I need some canvas's as I'm running low and a couple of other things which I'm putting on a shopping list, otherwise knowing what I'm like..... lots of new and interesting arts and crafts materials will be filling up my basket!

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog.....I have just added it to my website.  Now I can let you know what is happening in my art world and I will look forward to hearing back from you with comments on my work.

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