Dog portrait commissions


Apologies for the inconvenience but I am unable to take any commissions at the moment      January 2017 Liz Turner. 


Size, types, prices and order information......

The prices below are for a standard dog portrait with a simple background.

Bespoke sizes are welcome; email me the details and I will send you a quote.

To order today or get in touch please go to my 'contact' page above.

TypeSizeSubjectPricePostage - UKNote
pencil portrait of a dog     

Blacklead pencil on 220 g/m paper

A41 dog£56.00£3.50 


A42 dogs£73.00£3.50

head & shoulders only

"A43 dogsn/an/atoo small

A4 4 dogsn/aa/atoo small
Blacklead pencil on 220 g/m paper
A31 dog£82.00£5.00 
"A32 dogs£105.00£5.00 
"A33 dogs£130.00£5.00

head & shoulders only 

"A34 dogs£155.00£5.00

head & shoulders only 



Type SizeSubject Price Postage & packing Note
acrylic painting of a dog      
Acrylic on canvas (0.8 inches deep) 12x10" 1 dog £118.00 £10.00 
" 12x10" 2 dogs £154.00 £10.00

head & shoulders only

" 12x10" 3 dogs £190.00 £10.00

head & shoulders only

" 12x10" 4 dogs n/a n/atoo small
Acrylic on canvas (0.8 inches deep)16x12"1 dog£148.00£10.00 
2 dogs£194.00£10.00 
3 dogs£238.00£10.00

head & shoulders only


4 dogs£283.00£10.00

head & shoulders only

Acrylic on canvas (0.8 inches deep) 24x18"1 dog £192.00 £15.00 
"24x18" 2 dogs £250.00£15.00  
"24x18" 3 dogs £312.00£15.00  
"24x18" 4 dogs £375.00£15.00  
Acrylic on canvas (0.8 inches deep) 30x24"1 dog £240.00 £20.00 
"30x24" 2 dogs £312.00 £20.00  
"30x24" 3 dogs £390.00 £20.00  
"30x24" 4 dogs £468.00 £20.00  
Acrylic on canvas (0.8 inches deep) 28x36" 1 dog£300.00 £20.00  
"28x36"2 dogs £390.00 £20.00  
"28x36"3 dogs £486.00 £20.00  
"28x36" 4 dogs£583.00 £20.00  

 canvas depth        graphite pencils


Please send me an email with your request and I will get back to you as soon as possible..if you have a dog photo ready...please send it too and I'll be able to give you a clearer idea of what you'd like.


You can either pay by cheque or by BACS...I will send you an invoice once you are happy with your portrait. I email a photo of the finished picture before I request payment.

Posting your pet photo

whether you've made a pet - dog order over the phone or email I am happy to receive a photo by post. When posting the photo try to protect it from bending by inserting some cardboard or use a hard backed envelope. I will return the dog photo to you upon completion of the painting/artwork. Please call or send me an email for my address.

Emailing your pet photo

If you'd prefer to send me a picture of your pet dog by email, please use a JPEG or PDF format in as high resolution (megabytes) as your email will allow.

The quality of your pet photo

I work directly from your pet dog photo so the quality is very important; before you take a picture of your dog consider the following:-

  • the position of your pet dog in the frame
  • having more pet and less background so that I can see lots of detail
  • use natural light rather than a flash; does the photo show your pets true colour, because that is what I will see
  • look at my gallery to get some ideas

Bespoke sizes and detailed backgrounds

Please email me the details and I will send you a quote.


I aim to deliver your dog portrait two to three (if it's big) weeks after receiving your order and pet photo. If it's a busy period and I'm unable to keep to this time frame I will keep you informed by email and deliver your pet dog portrait as soon as possible.


If for any reason you are not happy with your dog portrait please return it in good condition within 2 weeks of delivery and I will refund you the price of the pet portrait. I will have copyright of your pet dog portrait and its future use.

hold copyright for all the images/pet portraits I create copyright - Liz Turner